Fed signals patience with low interest rates has run thin

“Buyers should act now––delayed purchases will only result in higher monthly mortgage payments as prices and rates rise. In fact, our forecast data show affordability may decline as much as 10% over the course of the year.”
– Jonathan Smoke, chief economist at Realtor.com

Well, it had to happen sometime. All the people who took the plunge at McClelland’s Beach over the last few years should be feeling pretty good right about now.

Arnold’s Park welcomes vacation volunteers for 125th anniversary celebration

“We’re hoping to get as many people there (at Monday’s meeting) as we can. I’ve had some emails from people who don’t live here in the wintertime. They’ve emailed me that they would like to be involved. So, if they can’t make the meeting, just email me at di@arnoldspark.com, or give us a call here at the office.”– Di Lorenzen

Arnolds Park in nearby Okoboji, one of only five amusement parks in the nation operated by a non-profit, celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. Find out how even non-wintertime residents can help. Read the full Dickinson County News story.