Railroad depot museum a treasure trove of Dickinson County history

“We even have the hand-written manuscript for ‘A History of Dickinson County,’ written by R.A. Smith in 1902. That right there is one of the more unique things here — it’s the only copy in the world, obviously.” – Cindy Schubert, museum director It looks plain on the outside, but inside the old railroad depot […]

Younger Margaret McClelland’s story of her brush with the outlaw

Experiences of the younger Margaret McClelland regarding the history of McClelland’s Beach, Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360 See Margaret’s original, handwritten account. Some early experiences in the county, of Miss Margaret McClelland, now Mrs. S. E. Woolworth I came to Jackson Co. with my parents from Biron, Ogle Co., Illinois, when but five years of age. […]

McClelland’s Beach founder was a hero in 1866

Our beach’s founder, William McClelland, took heroic action in 1866 when he found a woman starving to death, and so weak she could not sit up. Demonstrating the hospitality still present in the community today, William took the woman in, according to an officer quoted in An Illustrated History of Jackson County, Minnesota. Many settlers, […]

When at the lake, do as the Great Lakeians (sp?) do

So those of you lucky enough to have a place at McClelland’s Beach, remember, it’s a “cottage”, not a “cabin”. Whether you moved here 60 years ago or yesterday, you’ll enjoy these tips. “Unique to the Iowa Great Lakes is the use of the word “cottage” to describe your dwelling on the lake. “Cabins” can […]

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