Warren Buffet’s MidAmerican Energy bets $3.6 billion on Iowa

Iowa wind turbine - Warren Buffet's MidAmerican Energy bets $3.6 billion on IowaRead also: Northwest Iowa a hotbed of economic activity

McClelland’s Beach welcomes Warren Buffet’s MidAmerican Energy and all our new friends landing in Iowa as wind energy creates jobs. We invite you to come visit and play in our neighborhood!

The location for the new $3.6 billion wind power project remains unknown, but the company is already heavily invested in Northwest Iowa wind farms.

Largest economic development project in Iowa history

“The proposed $3.6 billion project is the largest wind project MidAmerican Energy has ever undertaken, and it’s being done without asking for an increase in customer rates or financial assistance from the state to pay for it.”
MidAmerican Energy press release

“Every wind turbine you see in Iowa means income for farmers, revenue for counties and jobs for Iowa families.”
– Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad

Iowa hooks Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Microsoft Inc. and Facebook Inc.

Farmers and other landowners hosting wind farms receive lease payments, and wind-farm operators pay property taxes, which local governments use for schools and other expenses, (Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad) added. Iowa’s relatively low power prices and high renewable-energy quotient have attracted companies such as Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Microsoft Inc. and Facebook Inc. to the state.
Wall Street Journal

Northwest Iowa a hotbed of economic activity

… and the smart ones taking advantage of the hotbed of economic activity will live at McClelland’s Beach, their one-stop work and play home.

Midwest ‘green’ job growth to outpace U.S. employment

“…in the next 12 months, the rate of Midwestern job growth in environment-friendly enterprises is projected to outpace U.S. employment growth overall.”

Wind turns Northwest Iowa into a hotbed of economic activity

“Lately, the vast wind resource has turned the rural Northwest Iowa county into a hotbed of economic activity. A bevy of companies are moving ahead with large-scale projects that would harness and export the renewable energy to more populated regions.
Sioux City Journal

Wind energy boom blows into O’Brien County, SW neighbor of Dickinson County

The undertakings are projected to spur hundreds of millions of dollars in investment and create thousands of temporary construction jobs and hundreds of permanent jobs, as well as fill local tax coffers and grow communities that have seen an exodus in population in recent decades.”
Sioux City Journal