For a mere $12.8 million, this Okoboji home could be yours

… and if you don’t have $12.8 million handy or prefer a more intimate setting, come visit us. Lakeshore real estate market heating up? The market has gone from a 60-month supply of houses in the range of $800,000 to $1.5 million to an inventory of less than a year’s supply … “At one time, […]

Spirit Lake population up 3.7%; household income at $53,971

Spirit Lake’s population is up 3.7%, to an estimated 5,018 people, with median household income of $53,971 annually, and per capital income at $29,589, according to the recently released 2015 Annual Fiscal Conditions Report, Spirit Lake, Iowa, published by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. The city reported improved revenue of $4,414 per person, up […]

Before bikinis on McClelland’s Beach

Before bikinis on McClelland’s Beach, women wore quite a bit more clothing. We would hate to think about what would have happened if one of these fully-skirted women fell overboard in 1902. This picture is from the digitized version of “A History of Dickinson County”, by R.A. Smith, once only available in rare, hard-copy first editions, […]

Warren Buffet’s MidAmerican Energy bets $3.6 billion on Iowa

Read also: Northwest Iowa a hotbed of economic activity McClelland’s Beach welcomes Warren Buffet’s MidAmerican Energy and all our new friends landing in Iowa as wind energy creates jobs. We invite you to come visit and play in our neighborhood! The location for the new $3.6 billion wind power project remains unknown, but the company is already […]

Northwest Iowa a hotbed of economic activity

… and the smart ones taking advantage of the hotbed of economic activity will live at McClelland’s Beach, their one-stop work and play home. Midwest ‘green’ job growth to outpace U.S. employment “…in the next 12 months, the rate of Midwestern job growth in environment-friendly enterprises is projected to outpace U.S. employment growth overall.” – […]

Ill-fated Younger Gang visited McClelland farm, now McClelland’s Beach

At some point, a member of the ill-fated Younger Gang visited the McClelland family’s farm in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Here is what a young boy remembers. All spellings are as they appear in the original newspaper clipping. Read also: Margaret McClelland’s brush with the outlaw Spirit Lake Beacon, October 31, 1902 Recollections of Jim Younger. […]

Spirit Lake – Why Polaris chose to build products here

We agree with Polaris. Those of us living on McClelland’s Beach in Spirit Lake get the best of Iowa’s best lake as well as a great city. “Spirit Lake, Iowa, population of 4,907 people, is one of the most beautiful and dynamic cities in the Midwest. Spirit Lake is a full-service city offering a wide […]

Iowa home, property ownership back on the short list of growth investments?

That beach property you’ve always wanted or own now could be a profitable asset to cash out on later. Iowa home prices are up 4.4% and the Washington Post reports that home equity has surged across the United States. Between the third quarter of 2014 and the same period in 2015, Americans’ home-equity holdings grew […]

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