Railroad depot museum a treasure trove of Dickinson County history

Photo from the Dickinson County Museum website.

“We even have the hand-written manuscript for ‘A History of Dickinson County,’ written by R.A. Smith in 1902. That right there is one of the more unique things here — it’s the only copy in the world, obviously.”
– Cindy Schubert, museum director

It looks plain on the outside, but inside the old railroad depot you’ll find a treasure trove of history and examples of life back in the good old days.

The Dickinson County Museum is packed with artifacts and history buffs will love it. You will probably want to visit more than once. Read the entire Dickinson County News feature on this and other museums in the area.

Read about Margaret McClelland’s brush with an outlaw.

Get directions to the Dickinson County Museum.

Published by Karin Livingston

Karin Livingston is a great-great granddaughter of McClelland's Beach founders William and Margaret McClelland. For details, visit her LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/karin-livingston/29/a4a/b72

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